Whitebaiting with the Yeastie Boys

Shane Cowlishaw/Fairfax NZ

Whitebait in beer? Only in the Media Brew competition.


Recently, we seemed to reach peak “I’m going to put a crazier ingredient in my beer than you”.

That beer, made with a dash of stag semen, caused a minor stir but from all accounts is rather delicious and it remains a fact brewers have been putting unusual items in beer for quite a number of years.

You have the famous beard beer from Rogue, one that was made from yeast that had been sent to space and even one with bull testicles.

In New Zealand, the epitome of this style of brewing occurs at the annual Media Brew competition that pairs up a journalist and brewer who then try to out-brew their rivals.

Quite simply, this competition just gets more bonkers every year.

When I first took part in the Media Brew with Parrotdog in 2012, things were much tamer.

Whitebaiting with the Yeastie Boys

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