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Worth the Risk: Homebrewers Playing with Coolships

Home Brewing Homebrewing Features WORTH THE RISK: HOMEBREWERS PLAYING WITH COOLSHIPS All About Beer Magazine – Volume 36, Issue 1 March 1, 2015By Mary Izett Coolships are open fermentation systems that collect ambient yeast and bacteria to ferment wort. This example was built by

Article: How to taste like a beer judge

Next Saturday aspiring home brewers from all around New Zealand will compete against each other in the country’s largest home brew competition. Organised by the consumer group the Society of Beer Advocates, this year’s SOBA National Homebrew Competition looks likely

Wild-Fermented Beer Is the Best Way to Drink Pond Water

In Michigan’s remote Keweenaw Peninsula, Emily Geiger observes a science lab table full of beer-fermenting starter yeast. But this is no ordinary beer yeast—the culture was gathered from the shores of Lake Superior, in the Upper Peninsula, over the course

BrewBot hopes its machine will make craft-beer brewing a breeze

DUBLIN — Today, swanky offices offer employees high-end coffee machines as a job perk. Tomorrow, if a startup called BrewBot gets its way, a beer-making machine might stand next to it. The company, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, plans to begin selling

Article: Who is New Zealand’s Oldest ‘Craft’ Brewery?

Longevity is not the same thing as quality, especially in the beer industry. After all, Tui has been around for donkey’s years. I set out to learn which ‘craft’ brewery is the oldest because of a realisation that I could

Article: Australia’s drawl began with boozy colonials

Australia’s drawl began with boozy colonials Australians’ distinctive accent has its origins in the “drunken slurring” of the heavy-drinking early settlers, according to a communication expert from the country. In an impassioned call for Australian schools to teach verbal expression

Internet of Beer: Introducing Simple Beer Service

The idea was simple: we’d attach a Raspberry Pi to a kegerator. A flow meter would detect when a pour was occurring, post the data to Amazon API Gateway, and display the data on a web page. It was an

How to Build Your Very Own Keg Fridge

IF YOU’RE SERIOUS about beer, you’re eventually going to get serious about kegs. When you do, you’ll find yourself yearning for a place to keep them cold. A keg refrigerator is the perfect home for a lonely keg, but finding a

Article: Can the skunk flavour

  I was recently at a course run by Steve Plowman of Hallertau Brewery on how to identify faults in beer. It was a brilliant exercise which demanded a lot of your nose and palate as some of the so-called

Article: In Praise of Home Brew Clubs

In Praise of Home Brew Clubs If you’ve ever considered being in a home brew club but thought, to paraphrase Groucho Marx, that you didn’t want to belong to any club that would accept people like yourself, may I humbly