BeerGeek PseudoCraft Tasting at Brother Beer

Mark Jackman

A few weeks ago some club members attended the BeerGeek
PseudoCraft Tasting which Marie and I arranged with the help of
Nick from Brothers Beer. The aim was to compare “pseudocraft”,
beers made by macro breweries under an alias and presented as
craft beer, and beers which we personally consider to be true craft
beers. Some of the results were interesting to say the least, such
as everyone present who attends Beervana annually preferred the
Monteith’s IPA to Epic Pale Ale, however almost unanimously
those who were less accustomed to craft beer preferred the Epic.
8 Wired and Hallertau Deception were less favoured than
Monteith’s Barrel Aged Porter and Mac’s Black Mac. If you are
interested to see the full results and how the macro breweries
compared with one another then visit the page on my BeerGeek