STC-1000+ More functionality for free

Re-programme an stc-1000 v1.0 with custom brewing firmware, that supports temperature gradient profiles.
The STC-1000 is a dual stage (heating and cooling) thermostat that is pretty cheap to buy. I (and a low of fellow homebrewers) use them to control the fermentation temperature of beer.

The goal of this project is twofold

To create the means to reprogram the STC-1000 with a custom firmware
To create a custom firmware, suited for fermenting beer
The first goal is achieved by using an Arduino UNO with a sketch to act as a programmer, and the second by using the SDCC compiler and GPUTILS.

Download by visiting the releases page and start by reading usermanual.pdf


Both Fahrenheit and Celsius versions
Up to 6 profiles with up to 10 setpoints.
Each setpoint can be held for 1-999 hours (i.e. up to ~41 days).
Somewhat intuitive menus for configuring
Separate delay settings for cooling and heating
Configurable hysteresis (allowable temp swing) from 0.0 to 2.5°C or 0.0 to 5.0°F
Approximative ramping
Button acceleration, for frustrationless programming by buttons


Source code:

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User manual:


Deal Extreme has these controllers for US$25 – 259160