New Zealand’s best Pinot Noirs, a brief report by Jamie Goode

I love New Zealand Pinot Noir.

In this abbreviated report, I’m not going to waste time discussing which country makes the best Pinot Noir, or trying to draw parallels with red Burgundy. Instead, I want to tell you about some of my favourite wines. I’m a huge Pinot fan, and New Zealand is a happy hunting ground for me. So this report is simply an expression of my enthusiasm for some very nice wines.

The bulk of the tasting notes here come from New Zealand’s Pinot Noir celebration in January 2013, but they have been supplemented by notes from wines tasted elsewhere. Pinot Noir 2013 was a remarkable event. Four days of immersion into Pinot Noir, great food, good company, and a great city on its best behaviour, with almost unheard-of wall-to-wall sunshine for a week.

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