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Rooftop brew alcohol calculator
Brewing Tools Formulas


CO2 gas bottles
Nova Fire Safety Ltd

30 Hargreaves St,
St Mary’s Bay,

3.5Kg Co2 tanks and 5kg are $300.00 includes valve, testing and they are
new cylinders as no second hand ones around now.

Refills are $20 for 3.5Kg and $30 for 5Kg both plus GST.

They have EFTPOS facilities now.

McCamish Scrap Metal
Scrap Stainless and Copper, that you can browse around, ferret through

the bins and buy at scrap metal prices.
Also good to pick up electric elements that are from water heaters,
1Kw to 3Kw and cheap as chips.
I picked up half a dozen under $10.00. All worked.
McCamish Scrap Metal,
370 Neilson St,

Stainless Products
Stainless steel tri-clamps, pipes, tubes, fittings that you can browse around
and fit together, take your bits in and try different fittings. Real handy.
Low cost as well, but all new un-used parts.
Stainless Products,
298 Neilson St,
ph: 634 1241

North Shore Laser Cutting
False bottom, laser cut, 340mm dia with 1mm wide laser cut slots.

North Shore Laser Cutting,
23 Peters Way,
ph: 09 421 9073
Carol Sumner