2018 Regional Competition

This year the Auckland Guild of Winemakers and Brewers are hosting the 2018 Regional Competition. Please find below this year’s Wine and Beer specifications.

As is customary, we have added to the basic wine specs, the usual favourites along with the spirit classes.

The beer classes have an added class B9.6 BJCP Open Class. This is a class for beers made to BJCP specifications “that do not fit into any of the Northern Region Existing Classes”

Beer Entries for Regionals have traditionally been required in ‘swappa crate’ bottles, uniformly capped with appropriate fill levels. With the 2015 passing change to acceptance of “500ml and 750 ml brown glass bottles, crown or swing cap for entries,” entry requirements for the regional competition has been loosened up. It’s all about the beer but… My recommendation for presentation is to be tidy and presentable. It’s good that the region is taking an adjusted perspective that it truly is about the beer. With the wines, there is a lot to be said for holding on to tradition. Competition is tight, so you will need every point you can get. Use a clean clear 750mm bottle, round, sloping shoulder and ‘concave’ bottom. Cider and sparkling wines must be bottled in 750ml amber ABC bottles with crown caps or Champagne Bottles with ‘punted’ bottoms. There should be no residual glue on the bottle. The cork, tight but removable by hand, should be tidy with no mould or discolouration.

At this stage we plan to hold the Regionals on Sat 1st Dec, with the Judging in the morning and social event in the evening. Like all good things, this may change. The beer and wine entry forms will be added along with the Registration forms at a later date.

Happy brewing

Rhys Williams (Coordinator)