Monthly Competition

Each month, the guild offers the opportunity for members to submit their beer or wine for judging. This is an excellent chance to get feedback on your entries and the way to gain points for the guild trophies, which are handed out at the end of year BBQ.

Who is it for?

The guild competitions are for all our members, regardless of skill level. It is for those looking for just feedback and, for those with a more competitive streak.

What do I win?

Besides receiving a score sheet similar to the BJCP Beer Scoresheet, entrants whose beer or wine scores high enough will receive a certificate at the next guild meeting. Each brewer that receives a certificate, will also earn points that are put toward the end of year trophies.

How do I enter?

You can enter any beer style you like however, only the styles specified by the beer competition schedule or wine competition schedule

for that month will earn points towards the end of year trophies.

Only one bottle is required to enter.

At each meeting, there will be an entries station.

  1. On the toe tags provided, write:
    1. your name
    2. the beer or wine style
    3. the AGWB class number, if it is a beer. This can be found on the competition schedule. If there is no AGWB class number, please write the BJCP class number.
    4. Your email, if you would like a scanned copy of the score sheet.
  2. Affix your toe tag to your bottle using the rubber bands provided.
  3. Place your entry in the wooden box.

What is the judging process?

  1. The entries are sorted into style classes
  2. The steward numbers each bottle and it’s label, the label is removed and hidden from the judges. The bottle number is also noted on top of a scoresheet. This makes each entry anonymous while it is being judged.
  3. The entries are judged in class groups for example, all of the Belgian Blond Ales will be judged then all of the Belgian Dubbels.
  4. The way judges score can be slightly different but, the general process is to note remarks about each of the scoring categories, then by comparing the notes with the style guide, give each category a score.
  5. Once all of the beers are judged, the steward uses the number recorded on the label and the bottle to match the entries with a brewer.
  6. The scoresheets are handed out at the next meeting. If an entry earns a bronze, silver, or gold, a score of 4, 6 or 10 points is recorded, respectively, and a certificate is also handed out.

What Trophies are Available and how are they Awarded?

At the end of the year, points from the monthly competitions are tallied and trophies are awarded based on number of points

  • Lager, Ale, Stout, and Strong Ale Trophies are awarded to those with the most points in each respective category
  • Brewer of the Year is awarded to the brewer with the most points in all styles
  • Clone Beer of the year. See the Clone beer of the year section.
  • Most Improved Brewer –
  • Novice Brewer of the Year –
  • Champion Lager Trophy –
  • Champion Stout Trophy –
  • Champion Ale Brewer –
  • Strong Ale Trophy –
  • Beer of the Year Trophy (Yet to be decided) –
  • 2017 End of Year Competition Beer of the Show –
  • 2017 Brewer of the Year –
  • Other trophies??

Clone Beer of the Year

Every year the guild committee chooses a beer for the clone beer of the year competition. Earlier in the year, the brewers of the beer will talk to the guild about the beer. Then, in September they will return for the judging.

Regional and National Competitions

Soba NHC
Western Brewers Conference

Monthly Competition Schedule